Bayside 20oz 8'6" Boat Carpet

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8'6" W Boat Carpet Sold By The Foot
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8'6" W Pontoon Boat Carpet Sold By The Foot

  • Durable 20 oz cut pile marine grade pontoon boat carpet.
  • Enter the number of feet needed in quantity box. (Every 1 quantity is 1 foot.)
  • 10 Foot Minimum.


Outstanding Value, Quality Pontoon Carpet

  • Excellent quality, durable and comfortable mid-grade pontoon boat carpet.
  • The higher the ounce or weight of the boat carpet the more durable & comfortable.
  • The carpet weight tells you how densely stitched the carpet fibers are.
  • We offer (3) three styles of non-textured boat carpet, 16oz, 20oz and 24oz

Rubber Backed Pontoon Carpet

  • Our pontoon boat carpet has a marine rubber backing that is designed to glued down.

Cut Pile Marine Grade Carpet

cut-pile-marine-carpet_7dcdcd1e-2e1e-4482-8867-5d8ae8cac082 Flooring: Bayside 20oz 8'6" Boat Carpet


Pontoon Boat Carpet Specifications

  • Fiber: 100% UV Stabilized Polypropylene
  • Denier:  2600
  • Primary Backing: Woven Polypropylene
  • Secondary Backing: SBR Marine Latex

Worry-Free Marine Carpet Warranty

  • All Bayside pontoon boat carpet is covered by a 3 year warranty.
  • Warranty covers any fading or deterioration to your boat carpet.
  • Our pontoon carpet is designed to be glued completely to your pontoon's deck.
  • If you do not use the recommended amount of glue your carpet will not stick.
  • Use 1 gallon of glue for every 8'6" x 12' area of deck on your pontoon boat.

Care & Maintenance

Marine carpet is inherently stain resistant but you must remove the stain quickly to ensure it will come out. We recommend periodic vacuuming & cleaning with household detergents and warm water. Following these recommendations will help your pontoon boat carpet retain it's original appearance & prevent matting.