GatorSkinz™ Non-Skid

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When you are looking for a Grip, make sure it's a Gator!

Are you tired of slipping around on your boat, trailer, or jetski on the water? Has the non-skid on your product worn away or peeled off? Or do you just want to have better stability or a grip? Then GatorSkinz™ Non-Skid is right for you. GatorSkinz™ is a traction mat material made out of 70% recycled materials.

GatorSkinz are easy to use and apply with our Prep-Peel-Stick application. There is no cure time, and best of all it will stay on! GatorSkinz Non-Skid comes complete with our exclusive KeelShield® adhesive system featuring the extraordinary bonding and reliability.

  • Use anywhere you need a grip in or out of the water!
  • 70% Recycled Materials
  • Available in 2-pack step pads (16″x 4″)
  • Uses exclusive 3M KeelShield® adhesive
  • No curing time – No peeling or lifting edges
  • Superior UV Stability & Lifespan
  • If you are going to bond with wood, please contact us so we can send you a primer.

Needed for Installation: Isopropyl Alcohol 70% or 90%, spray bottle, water, paper towels, and laminate roller

  1. If you need to trim your GatorSkinz, you can draw your patter on the GatorSkinz with a white wax pen or white crayon. Your GatorSkinz can be cut with very sharp scissors or a sharp utility knife. 
  2. GatorSkinz will bond to gel coat, metal, painted metal, and treated wood. Be sure if you are installing on painted metal, the paint is in good repair and not peeling or flaking. If you are going to bond with wood, please contact us so we can send you a primer.
  3. Area where the GatorSkinz will be installed must be clean, dry, and a minimum temperature of 70 F. The GatorSkinz must be a minimum of 70 F.
  4. Clean the area where the GatorSkinz will be installed thoroughly with 70% or 90% isopropyl alcohol and paper towels. There is NO substitution for isopropyl alcohol. If you do not use it or use another solvent, you will have adhesion failure.
  5. In your spray bottle, mix a solution of 50/50 water and isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning thoroughly, spray and wet the area where the GatorSkinz will be install.ed Peel the release liner off the back of the adhesive and apply the mat to the wet surface. You will be able to position the mat. Once it is in place, you must apply pressure. This can be done with a laminate roller or other means that can apply firm pressure. The adhesive will take 24 hours to wet out and achieve a 100% bond.