Pontoon Vinyl Flooring 8'6


Heavy Duty 50mil Vinyl

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Maximum 30' Length Per Order Due to FedEx Weight Restrictions.

  • Enter the number of feet you need in the quantity box.
  • Lightweight & heavy duty vinyl flooring for pontoon boats.

Replacing More Than Just Your Floor Covering?

PontoonStuff® created the idea of Pontoon Flooring Kits and Deck Kits to make your project easier. If you need more than just carpeting and plan on replacing your pontoon boat's deck, check out our Kits below:

  • Pontoon Vinyl Flooring Kits - If you can buy plywood locally this kit comes with everything else you need.
  • Pontoon Boat Deck Kits - If you cannot buy the correct marine plywood locally, the  Pontoon Deck Kit is for you.

Pontoon Vinyl Flooring Specs

  • NOTE: This adhesive will not work if you are trying to install vinyl flooring to an aluminum or fiberglass deck. You will require a solvent based glue for this application, water based glue needs to evaporate in order to form a bond and the vinyl with an aluminum/fiberglass deck will not allow the necessary airflow for bonding. You can find solvent based indoor/outdoor glue at any home improvement store.
  • Great alternative for replacing marine carpet on your pontoon boat.
  • 50mil marine grade vinyl flooring is 102" wide.
  • Slip resistant surface is easy to clean and maintain.
  • 100% UV stabilized marine vinyl boat flooring will not fade.
  • Woven polypropylene backing can be glued down to your wooden deck.

Care & Maintenance

Nothing is easier to maintain and clean than our vinyl boat flooring. Once installed you'll have a great looking deck without the maintenance required by carpeting. Vinyl flooring will also protect your plywood deck from moisture.