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BIO-SOLVE is a blend of natural acid from fruit peels such as lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, which provides a unique and clearly superior cleaning and degreasing capacity. BIO-SOLVE is ideal for cleaning all parts coated with grease and dirt. BIO-SOLVE effectively cleans the glue left by the labels as well as that of the gummed ribbons. BIO-SOLVE is an excellent cleaner to remove tree sap BIO-SOLVE is the ideal replacement for conventional solvents. BIO-SOLVE is biodegradable rapidly and contains no chlorinated solvents or any other substances that can affect the environment and safety of use. BIO-SOLVE dries quickly and leaves no residue.

• Formulated from natural solvents
• Powerful cleaner that will give you exceptional cleaning results, quick in a minimum of time and effort
• Contains no substances that could affect the ozone layer
• Environmental Choice
• Safe for the user
• Sufficiently slow to thoroughly clean
• Quite fast for efficient production
• Pleasant smell
• Does not stain
• Leaves no residue


• Metal parts • Machinery • Engines • Brakes • Showcases • Windows • Tree sap • Important if left too long it could damage plastic surfaces